Pre-purchase Survey/ Vehicle Inspection

This service is often used as a pre-purchase tool or an annual inspection. Our technician will complete an e-doc report covering each area (as applicable) listed below:


$200 Class C Motorhomes, Campers, Truck Campers <25'

$350 Class B & B+ Motorhomes, Custom built RVs or vans.

$500 Class C & A Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Campers <25'

  • Check Slide Out System for proper function (if equipped)

  • Check Leveling System (if equipped)

  • Check Awning for proper function (if equipped)

  • Check Appliances for proper function

  • Check Air Conditioner and/or heater for proper function

  • Check RV generator for proper function and fluid level.

  • Check all RV outlets and switches

  • Check RV converter and inverter

  • Check House batteries

  • Check RV plumbing system

  • Check RV LP gas system (if equipped)

  • Check RV tires (visual inspection of tread wear, and date code)

  • Check RV roof

  • Moisture test of interior roof and walls

  • Visual inspection of RV chassis and suspension

  • Visual inspection of RV motive engine (if applicable) and fluid levels.

Please Note Requirements below that must be met for inspection to occur:

  • RV must be hooked up to appropriate shore power 30A or 50A (110v house power is not sufficient)

  • Propane tank must be at least 1/2 full.

  • RV fuel (generator fuel) must be at least 1/2 full.

  • RV refrigerator must be powered on at least 12 hours prior to inspection.

  • City water connection, if city water hook up is unavailable, fresh water tank MUST BE FULL

  • Water system and water heater MUST BE de-winterized

  • Sewer tanks must be empty (BLACK and GREY)

  • Sewer hookup is preferred but not required. If not provided sewer dump test will not be performed.

  • RV must be in an area with adequate space to safely move a ladder around all sides of the RV, and able to extend all slide outs and awnings.

  • RV must not be on a slope, or area where levelers (if equipped) cannot be used (i.e. pavers, sand, soft ground, or excessive slope or obstacles)

  • All personal contents should be removed from RV prior to inspection

    • All closets and cabinets should be emptied

    • Exterior lockers and storage bays emptied

    • Bedding, linens, furniture covers removed

  • All keys to RV must be available (All entrance doors, cargo bays and lockers, fuel doors, and ignition)

PLEASE NOTE inspections cannot occur in bad weather. Winds in excess of 15mph, rain, or threatening thunderstorms within 20 miles can delay / postpone inspection